Kab by Estel at the 2014 Venice Biennale

Estel is represented at the ‘14 Edition of the International Architecture Show of the Biennale, in Venice until the 23rd of November 2014.

Estel, for more than eighty years a leading company in the field of contract and living furniture, is taking part as a Sponsor Supporter in partnership with VEDE, the network of Veneto companies.

Vede, the Veneto network par excellence, fosters innovation and the culture of enterprise in design. In fact, it is represented at the current event by the products from the companies it represents that furnish the communal areas in the Giardini and Arsenale areas of the Biennale.

VEDE (Venice Excellence Design) was created to promoting and supporting the furniture supply chain throughout the area of the old Venetian Republic through synergistic collaborations in terms of innovation and expertise. It has gathered to itself a network of companies whose businesses revolve around increasing the value of the best designs in Triveneto manufacturing through the creation of a collective identity that gives value and strength to the individual brands.

During this global exhibition of architecture and design Estel brings to the Biennale its own vision for the production of excellence in design in both domestic and collective contemporary spaces. A culture of both company and product that is born from their continual search for quality materials, workmanship and details which has allowed for the realisation of prestigious projects over the years, especially at the international level.

The spaces of the Biennale will host in particular the KAB tables and chairs, a comfortable design by Karim Rashid, intended both for residential use as well as in public spaces.

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