Inaguration of the Fantoni’s showroom in Rome

Fantoni has had a longstanding presence in the Rome area, thanks to a partnership with MCI Consulting, agent for the Fantoni group, which has long been a point of reference for prestigious institutions, banks and prominent clients, for whom MCI is an expert consultant, both competent and proficient. MCI Consulting is an ideal partner for architects and interior designers, who will find the perfect place to design and discover innovative solutions for installations in the Italian capital.

The space in Piazza delle Belle Arti was magnificently designed by the eclectic Marco Viola, who has worked with Fantoni group for years: the office collections on display fit in seamlessly with the existing architecture, in an area that is perhaps the ultimate expression of the work space in design, blurring the arid division between showrooms and operative areas.

A sunny space with glass walls, harmoniously bright, showing an attention to wellness at work, with the great acoustics of the group’s sound-absorbent systems, the perfect balance between technology and tradition, placing people at the centre of the universe.

Livable architecture, offering not just products but complete projects, a threshold to be crossed and experienced as a place for meeting, relating and discovering the qualities of the Fantoni Natural Office®. An atmospheric location, warm, welcoming new spaces that stir the emotions, a journey through design in which to be accompanied and guided by the people at Fantoni, discovering the key features of the Fantoni Natural Office: design, acoustics, and climatic comfort.

Fantoni creates all-round design solutions for work spaces, where the furniture is just one of the aspects taken into account, together with acoustic and climatic design, and the carefully deliberated partitioning of spaces, with due consideration to the role of natural and artificial light: constantly seeking the perfect natural office and well-being at work.

This is where Osram comes into the equation: this leading lighting firm designed the lighting for the showroom, consistently integrating all requirements using innovative LED solutions and light management systems.

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